Gym Fail

Day 1 back at the gym – epic fail.

So I have been struggling with getting on with my second post as I was worried I might have peaked too soon it would be flaccid from here on out. Hopefully this will be half as entertaining for you! I have been really struggling lately to get back into exercise. The combination of not having the threat of someone seeing me naked and just generally being a bit down in the dumps has meant a gym hiatus of around 3 months. I switched gyms also which meant I was a little nervous to get back into a new environment filled with buff young beauties, when if I don’t wear make up I literally look like a beetroot on legs. I had a little mix up also when filling out my application as I ticked that I had accessibility issues so that took a few calls to explain I didn’t have a disability (apart from shocking life skills). Luckily this week I have moved offices with work where I have some buddies to force me to work out with them. I find my motivation really increases when going with others.


Fail numero uno – Couldn’t even get through the doors

As I rocked up I was pretty confident that I knew what my pin code was as I had been a previous member and it’s reasonably close to my date of birth. I whacked it into the key pad and nothing. I tried again. Nope entry denied. There was a gym guy/ personal trainer (you know the type that likes to talk to you when you’re huffing and puffing on a treadmill) who came to my rescue when he could tear himself away from saying hello to every lady that walked in. I was searching embarrassingly through my emails not able to find my pin for a few minutes but luckily found the email and yes I was right in the pin I had entered. Rather condescendingly he told me to put my pin in, I did and nothing again. After a few seconds he then in a firm tone said THEN PRESS OK. Damn it I had just not put in enter. Sometimes I am not sure how I get through life.


Fail numero deux – Padlockgate

Once I had been allowed entry I opted to get on the treadmill as have a half marathon booked for October so I really need to get my fat ass running. It was lunchtime break from work so I only had around half an hour for a workout. I haven’t done any running since I bossed a 9 mile run in January so was not hopeful for how I would do but I managed to do 2.5miles in half hour which isn’t all bad. I wondered back into the changing rooms feeling a little pleased with myself and embarked on getting ready to head back to work. But guess what my padlock was stuck. I had a good wrestle with it for a few minutes and got my friend to have a go. F*ck it was definitely stuck. My friend commented that this sort of sh*t always happens to me (she is right). I had to go search for someone to help me but there was no one to be seen in the downstairs cardio area so I was going to have to brave the free weights area (or the roid room as I like to call it). I of course managed to find the most gorgeous, muscly tattooed specimen obviously to embarrass myself in front of. After a brief conversation around my issue he said the best option was for him to get his plyers. I then had to shout round all the ladies in the changing room to explain that a guy was going to have come in. After a blur of boobs and legs flying everywhere I checked with everyone and I was able to let the guy in to snap off my padlock (almost sounds like an innuendo).


As I write this I am just preparing to head to my second session back for a PURE RIG class. I am not sure what it entails but makes me feel like I am going off shore to search for some oil. I am feeling quite horrific after bank holiday shenanigans so I am thinking there could be another post to follow on my second day gym fail.

1 thought on “Gym Fail”

  1. Liz, I have really enjoyed reading this. Turning 29 led me to reassess my life in my final year of my 20s so I can totally relate. I ended a 6 year relationship and realised I wanted more by the time I hit my dirty 30s!!!! I have found inspiration from your blog and agree to not succumbing to society pressures of needing to be a married settled home owner and want to explore more and meet all walks of life! Keep them coming 😬


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