Dirty 30 Crisis: An Introduction

So here I am dirty (I wash daily…promise), 30 and within a crisis. I turned 30 around 6 months ago and recently I have felt that I didn’t exactly make the most of my 20s and here I am regretting it. It seems I am not alone in this feeling as there is a new mid-life crisis on the scene the quarter or third life crisis. I don’t know about you but with my current partying habits I will be lucky to get to 60, which would make this my actual mid-life crisis rather than third life but that’s by the by. Recent conversations with fellow third life crisis sufferers has made me come to the conclusion that by 30 people expect you to be somewhat of a grown up and not going out getting white girl wasted every weekend. But if you’re young(ish) free and single why should I not be going out and enjoying myself. So what do I do bow to peer pressure and settle down with Mark from Accounts. Or go out meet new people from different background and ages and really know what I want when I do meet this fictional character people go on about (the man of your dreams).

You might be thinking why start a blog? Apart from (hopefully) some freebies and meeting new people I hope that others will get comfort in the fact they aren’t alone in this ‘not being where you should be’ category. Also I will be seeing this blog as a viable hobby and even a potential ‘find myself’ experience fitting for a 30 yr old. Apparently my two current and most favourite hobbies (d*ck and drinking) aren’t acceptable of someone over the age of 29 so I must channel my efforts somewhere else. There is of course all the time I have free due to not having one of those life sucking accessories that so many women seem to live with (a man). Just to clarify I am not a man hater, the exact opposite to be honest but as a single woman of nearly 18 months I have met the good, the bad and the ugly.

My lifestyle in general is trying to be healthy (often failing) during the week and letting myself go at the weekend. I try to eat organic along with keeping gluten, dairy and refined sugar free (yes I am THAT c*nt) so this may well feature. If I can I try to keep to natural / organic cosmetics without the dreaded SLS and those bloody microbeads. The search for a natural deodorant was certainly a smelly one so apologies if you were around me for that time!

I think one of the main feelings that has got my third life crisis spiralling is not getting out there travelling while I was in my 20s. So this summer I plan on doing a Trek America trip and hopefully I will get to Asia in the near future!! It might not quite be the experience you would get being a gap yaarrr youth (sh*gging anything in a hostel with a pulse) but I am sure I will find ways to misbehave.

Basically from my blog you can expect an honest and most likely sarcastic take on being 30, single and female in Manchester. I hope you enjoy!

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